21 new roses on the hill

I’ve been growing about 30 roses from cuttings for the past year. Since they all had solid root structure I decided to go ahead and plant them. Around 10 are lower in the yard and 21 are now on this hill.

I prepped the area first by taking out the few plants I had left. I had done a huge remodel of the hill a few months ago taking out a ton of old plants.

Next I planned out the new locations digging holes and allocating roses.

Finally I grabbed some good composty soil and planted them all. They are marked with flags while they are still little.

It’s a good time for them to establish roots. I really need to water the trees anyway as the drought is really taking a toll on the redwoods so this works out.

Hopefully we will see them root and grow soon! It’s great rose growing weather if the excessive heat stays away.

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